In the Proparq collection you can find wood that meets the requirements of everyone in terms of colour, style, naturalness, elegance and interior design.


The range of colors of the Proparq stained oak is rich and varied. A scale of 16 graduated shades meets the needs and styles.
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004 cat Rovere Oak gesso


Proparq has selected the more stable and longlasting of natural wood.
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Essenze naturali


Distinctive by their very nature, the Reaction Collection planks flaunt their intrinsic personalities and differences.
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reaction reaction white 107d cat


If each plank could talk... it would share stories of the past. The Antique Collection evokes feelings, moods and atmospheres of the past
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antique main Antique fumé


A collection of wood flooring with veins and unique effects for charm and style.
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Decapati roccia vesuvio3 cat


A collection where the vintage effect and the inclusion of white veins give the floor a unique and modern character.
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bohemie 2 nero bassa 1920 min


A collection which highlights the traditional artistry of the iconic herringbone pattern and inlaid woodwork, reflecting the patience and uniqueness of the work of skilled carpenters and cabinetmakers of the past.
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slide bespoke Doussiè spazzolato brushed cat


The Proparq collection is completed by a vast range of trims to finish any floor in style and with attention to detail.
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Accessori main cat1920x864