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The Proparq collection is dynamic and comprehensive and so can meet diverse needs and customise any room.

The Propraq collection has a vast choice of wood flooring with planks of differing thicknesses and widths for various flooring conditions.

The thickness of the hardwood ply varies from 3, 4 to 5 mm, while the support of marine grade birch plywood, varies from 5 to 9 ply. A Proparq floor will vary in thickness, according to the product, and ranges from a minimum thickness of 11 mm to a maximum of 19 mm.

The width of the planks has a considerable effect on the appearance of the timber flooring. Proparq offers a vast selection of widths in various timber species and finishes, allowing the greatest compositional freedom and guaranteeing an excellent end result.

From the classic 90 mm of Meso to the majestic 400 mm of Magnus, the variable length and thickness, are able to satisfy all architectural requirements.

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