Multilayer flooring is currently the most important and widely utilised type of timber flooring.

It makes intelligent, sustainable use of timber by using fine hardwoods in a highly controlled way to minimise any wastage of material.

The special cross-grain gluing of the birchwood ply compensates for the natural stress of the wood from layer to layer. This makes this type of flooring durable and stable, with greater resistance to weather and damp thereby effectively combating warping, shrinkage and swelling.

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Such deformations are not only unsightly but also make continual sanding necessary in order to restore flatness, which considerably increases maintenance costs and also reduces the life span of the timber flooring.

The layered structure of Proparq flooring makes it possible to produce extremely stable large boards,

with calibrated joints to guarantee perfect flatness across the various planks. This enables very quick installation and ensures an even, tougher result with gluing to the screed. Furthermore the flooring is very stable -yet so thin that it can be installed over any type of underfloor heating system. With these characteristics, Proparq flooring is ready for immediate use, with a much longer life span and requiring less maintenance than other types of wood floor covering.

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