The original Finnish birch plywood support provides stability to the wooden floor and resistance to all climatic stress in dry or wet environments and also in closed rooms with air conditioning. Thanks to the 4 or 5 mm of hardwood it is possible over the years to sand and smooth the floor more than once with an average life expectancy of over 80 years in residential dwellings.
Proparq is ideal for underfloor heating. The expert Italian technology process guarantees scratch and abrasion resistance and can be adapted to domestic or commercial environments.

The tongue and groove joints made with CNC and diamond cut machines are a further guarantee of quality and high precision(to within ultra millimetres) for the joints. Longitudinal cuts underneath planks allow for adaptation to any unevenness in the floor and guaranteeing a perfect flatness.

Just like a traditional screed, Proparq timber flooring is also available in rough finish and pre-polished. It is also able to be customized on-site to specific colour or unique finish requirements.

Proparqtimber flooring is quick and easy to lay, and ready for use the day after installation.

Proparq timber flooring is a floor that must be glued to the substrate and because of the multilayers in the birchit has the advantage of acting as a sound barrier.

As a result of the special glue used in plywood (class D4), Proparq timber flooring is resistant to any water infiltrations